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30 minutes
1 hour 30 minutes
Level of difficult
Ground-roasted chicken is a famous rustic barbecue dish of the people of the West with a bold and unique flavor that is unmistakable. Let’s go to the kitchen and try right away how to make delicious, unique, and delicious grilled chicken covered with aluminum foil!

Ingredients for Baked Clay Chicken with foil For 3 people
Chicken 2 kg
Lemongrass 10 branches
Ginger 1 piece
Purple onion 4 pieces
1 lemon
Lemon leaves 10 pieces
Cashew powder 10 grams
Anise flowers 4 pieces
Chili powder 5 grams
Tools: Bowls, knives, pestles, mortars, foil,…

How to choose to buy good chicken: To make delicious grilled chicken dishes, you should choose chickens with a stocky body, small chicken breasts. Goosebumps are usually golden yellow and darker in the armpits and thighs. Especially on the chicken body, there are no scratches or hematomas.

How to cook Baked clay chicken with foil
Chicken pre-processing
First, buy the chicken you buy, wash it, then use salt to rub around the chicken body. Next, you use a lemon cut in half, rub it around the chicken body. Finally, rinse with water and dry.

Ways to prepare clean, odor-free chicken
Deodorize chicken with vinegar: Before processing, mix vinegar and salt in the ratio: 2 salt 1 vinegar and then apply all over the chicken, rub several times, then rinse thoroughly with clean water, so the chicken will not still stink when it’s processed.
Deodorize chicken with lemon: Before processing, you just need to rub a few slices of lemon on chicken with a little salt, then rinse thoroughly with cold water to be able to dispel the smell of chicken and duck.
Deodorize chicken with ginger: You can smash 1 ginger with a little white wine and massage it on the chicken and let it sit for about 30 minutes before cooking to help mask the unpleasant smell.

Prepare other ingredients
Lemongrass you pick up and smash, cut into moderate pieces.

You also smash and slice the dried onions and put them in a bowl. Cut lemon leaves into small strands.

Ginger is crushed and torn into small pieces.

Chicken marinade
Put lemongrass, ginger, dried onion, and lime leaves in a bowl, then add 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of MSG, 1 teaspoon of pepper powder, and 1 tablespoon of paprika (if you eat spicily, you can add more). Place in a bowl and mix together the seasonings. Finally, add the star anise.

Next, you put all the spices inside the chicken.

Then, you take salt and cashew powder and apply it to the outer skin of the chicken.

Note: After marinating the chicken, you can use a ladle or nylon string to tie the chicken neatly, helping the spices not to fall off and be more beautiful.

Chicken wrap
First, you wrap 4-5 layers of banana leaves on the whole chicken, using banana leaves to wrap the chicken will help the chicken part last longer.

Then you wrap another layer of foil on the outside.

You use clay to cover a moderate layer of soil, neither too thin nor too thick so that the cooking process of the chicken is easy to cook and not burnt.

Finally, you wrap another layer of banana leaves outside to finish this stage.

Grill chicken
You can use firewood to make charcoal or buy coal directly from the shops in the market and light the stove for the charcoal to light up and let the coals turn red.

When the woodstove is on fire, you put the chicken in the middle of the stove and bake it with a low smoldering fire so that the main chicken is deep inside, avoiding burning the chicken.

In the process of grilling the chicken, you should occasionally rotate the chicken until it is evenly cooked and bake for about 1.5 – 2 hours until the chicken is cooked.

Finished product
Grilled clay chicken not only retains the delicious sweetness of chicken but also has a very impressive aroma, blended from the smell of clay, lemon leaves, plus the attractive smell of grilled chicken.

Storage tip: If you don’t use all of it, put the chicken in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to eat, take it out and fry it before it’s ready to use.

Storage time: 1-2 days, to make the dish more delicious and healthy for your family, you should use it within the day.

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