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Grilled chicken is always an attractive dish for many people. The fatty and rich taste of chicken, when marinated with spices, will make you even more unable to ignore this dish, let’s go to the kitchen to make spiced grilled chicken simply but still extremely attractive with just an oven. Grilled.

Ingredients for Grilled Pepper Chicken For 4 people
1 chicken cleaned
(about 1.5-2 kg)
1 piece dried onion
4 cloves garlic
Black pepper 5 teaspoons

How to choose to buy fresh ingredients
How to choose good chicken:

You can buy live chicken to clean yourself, for more convenience you should buy ready-made chicken.
If you buy ready-made chicken: You should choose light yellow-skinned chicken, do not buy white skinned chicken because it is a super egg chicken, when pressed on the meat is firm.
If you buy live chickens: You should choose the ones with bright red crests, press lightly to see the full chicken breasts, do not choose purple crests, slimy beaks, and not smooth feathers.

Implementation tools
Oven, pot, cake mold,…

How to cook Pepper Grilled Chicken
Chicken pre-processing
When you buy chicken, you should soak it in diluted saltwater for about 7-10 minutes, gently massage it with your hands to clean the dirt. Then wash and dry.

Step 1 Preliminary preparation of chicken Grilled pepper chicken
Chicken marinade
Place the grill in the glass baking tray, then place the chicken on the grill.

Pour olive oil over the chicken, about 2 tablespoons, depending on how much or less you like to eat and depending on how much chicken you’re grilling.

Marinate the chicken with the seasoning packet or use seasoning, pepper, and other spices depending on your preference.

Step 2 Marinate Chicken Grilled pepper chicken
Grill chicken
Put the chicken in the oven. Adjust the temperature to about 218 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. Then, lower the temperature to about 190 degrees Celsius and bake until the chicken is fully cooked, which usually takes about 1 hour to finish baking.

Step 3 Grilled Chicken Grilled pepper chicken
The seasoned grilled chicken dish is usually very rich, fragrant, and tender, but the chicken skin is often very crispy. You can serve with rice, vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers will be great.

Step 4 Finished Grilled Pepper Chicken

Tips for preserving grilled chicken
Storage tip: If you don’t use all of it, put the chicken in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to eat, take it out and fry it before it’s ready to use.

Storage time: 1-2 days, to make the dish more delicious and healthy for your family, you should use it within the day.

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