How to make aluminum foil grilled chicken with a charcoal stove, a simple oil-free fryer

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30 minutes
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Level of difficult
Whole grilled chicken has long been a favorite dish of many families because of its rich and delicious taste. Let’s go to the kitchen and change the taste of this dish with a very simple way to make whole aluminum foil grilled chicken with a charcoal stove and an oil-free fryer!

Ingredients for Grilled Chicken with foil For 3 people
Chicken 1.5 kg
Lemongrass 15 plants
Cashew Flour 15 g
Pepper 10 g
(Pepper seeds)
White wine 50 ml

How to choose to buy ingredients
Choose ready-made chicken:

To make delicious grilled chicken dishes, you should choose our chickens, free from the garden with a stocky body, small chicken breasts.

Goosebumps are usually golden yellow and darker in the armpits and thighs.

Especially on the chicken body, there are no scratches or hematomas.

Choose raw chicken:

With roosters: Choose chickens with crests that must be bright red, eyes flexible, not lethargic. The fur is smooth, close to the body. The beak is sharp, there is no viscous flow in the beak. Chicken legs are straight, slender; The skin of the feet is golden and shiny. The cock must be short because if it is long, it means that the chicken is old.
With hens: Should choose bright red crests, yellow legs, smooth feathers, small pores. Use your hand to gently press the chicken breast to see that the breast is full, press slightly below the breast to see that the soft bone is a young hen. Avoid choosing chickens with hard legs, scaly, ruffled feathers, large pores, small neck, white, gray skin, lots of bumps, big anus because they are old hens, have laid a lot of eggs already.

Implementation tools
Oil-free fryer, foil, dishes, mortar,…

How to cook Grilled Chicken with foil
Chicken pre-processing
For the raw chicken:

When the chicken has been cut and dead, dip it in cold water to infuse it all over the chicken. Then take out the rice vinegar to rub all over the chicken, leave for 10 minutes for the chicken’s pores to expand.

Then boil the water (boiling) enough 100 degrees Celsius, dip the whole chicken into the pot of boiling water, turn it over, dip the legs and head. Then take out the chicken to make feathers.

For pre-made or feathered chickens:

For pre-purchased chickens or when the feathers have been cleaned, the chicken still has a bad smell from the hair follicles, you use white wine and salt to rub it on the chicken skin, then rinse it under the tap.

Prepare other ingredients
Lemongrass you pick up the shriveled, alligator, and smashed part.

Pepper in the mortar and pound for the tank. Be careful not to crush too much.

Chicken marinade
You put lemongrass, pepper, 2 tablespoons salt, 1 tablespoon MSG in a bowl and mix and squeeze the lemongrass to infuse the spices. Next, you put lemongrass and seasoning mixed with 2 legs into the belly of the chicken.

You mix 1 teaspoon of cooking oil into 15g of cashew powder, then dissolve and spread on the outer skin of the chicken.

Note: You can also use vanilla powder, cashew color, or lemon juice, to give the color of your air fryer chicken a nicer look and a more distinctive taste. However, depending on the taste of each person, there is a way to apply ingredients, adjust the amount of seasoning accordingly.

Grill chicken
Grilled chicken with a charcoal stove

First, you wrap a layer of banana leaves on the whole chicken, using banana leaves to wrap the chicken will make the chicken more fragrant.

Next, place the chicken in the middle of 3-4 layers of pre-spread foil and then wrap it up.

You can use firewood to get charcoal or buy charcoal directly from the shops in the market and light the stove for the charcoal to light up and let the coals turn pink and bake the chicken for about 50-60 minutes until the chicken is cooked.

Note: After letting the fire burn evenly and the charcoal stove turns embers, you will begin to grill the chicken. During the baking process, you should also flip the chicken 2-3 times for even cooking.
Bake chicken in an oil-free fryer

In addition to the above baking method, you can also customize to make foil-lined chicken in an air fryer.

This method is very simple and time-saving, you just need to put 1 sheet of foil on the bottom of the air fryer, then put the chicken in and adjust the temperature at 200 degrees Celsius, baking time is 30 minutes for the chicken to cook.

Finished product
Quality charcoal-grilled chicken must be the broiler inside just cooked, sweet, fragrant, blended with rich spices. You can serve with a little cucumber or lemon pepper salt will also be very suitable and delicious.

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